Rental Services

WPERI Rental Services offers a wide range of reliable power from 25kVa to 500kVa. Our rental generator sets were set-up for the efficiency of transport from one place to another. Its engineered design comes along with its silent type enclosure, quality performance engine, and controllers operated synchronously (if necessary) to meet the right power you and your client needed.

From residential use, events and activity, buildings to construction sites, we deliver fuel-efficient rental units. It is operated by our highly trained technical operators keeping a peak power supply, and guaranteed to meet your greatest power expectation requirement whether your goal is to improve performance, reduction of risk or cost control.

Preventive Maintenance

Generator Sets of any capacity, either used for emergency or primary power must perform quarterly periodic maintenance service. Generator failure increases when service and maintenance are not properly performed.

WPERI Technical Experts are always available every step of the way. We trained our service technicians with all associated testing procedures, technical design system to ensure your generator set’s availability upon demand.

Load Bank Testing

Don’t wait until the power goes out to learn that your generator isn’t working properly! Even if you test run your generator regularly, there can still be problems that won’t appear until your generator is run with a load.

Generators are a key part of many industry backup power systems. Load banks are used to verify the power output from new generators once they are placed on location. Though generators are tested at the factory, it is important to re-test the generator on site. Variables with fuel systems, exhaust systems, cooling systems, regulator and governor systems, as well as altitude and ambient temperature factors can affect generator performance. Additionally, routine testing for the life of the generator is imperative to achieve a system you can depend on.

WPERI offers testing from 100kw to over 2000kw, which allows the generator to be tested at its full rated capacity and checks the overall performance of the engine and generator set. Load Bank Testing will reveal any potential problems related to fuel system contamination, cooling system degradation, and diesel engine “wet-stacking” are common reasons to conduct regular testing. by monitoring and measuring coolant and oil temperatures, voltage, amps, available KW output and generator temperature, this evaluation of your equipment’s overall condition allows us to make necessary maintenance or repair recommendations and provide repair options.

Load test your generator set for your peace of mind. Call us today to schedule a load bank test!

Installation Works

Diesel Generator Set Philippines Installation in Splendido hotel Sta Lucia- Westpoint Energy ResourcesInstalling Diesel genset Philippines in Silang Specialist Medical center Cavite - Westpoint Energy Resources

Generator set supplier Philippines Technopoint Installation- Westpoint Energy Resources

Installation of Diesel genset Philippines in Comelec Laguna - Westpoint Energy Resources

After-Sales Support

Our service does not end by just selling and delivering our products. That’s why we made our “After Sales Support” easier to reach, and provide the fastest response to your needs.

With just a dial away, you will be assisted by our technical personnel, step by step, until we fix your concern with your unit. Our service technicians are ready to give you turnkey support 24 hours a day. In the event that our over the phone assistance did not work, we will be glad visiting your gen set unit a day upon receipt of your call for Metro Manila clients or 2-3 days for provincial areas.

“We value our generator set unit. We treasure our dear clients”

Please call our hotline: (02) 239-1941 * (02) 571-2087